Mikroekonomia - 4EC504 Introduction to Macroeconomic Concepts and Data



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4EC504 Introduction to Macroeconomic Concepts and Data


Coursework 2



The aim of this report is to critically evaluate the economic performance of the local and national economy using appropriate macroeconomic theories, variables and data.


Assessment Requirements

As part of Coursework 2, you must write an individual report which examines the above issue.

Please note that each student must submit an individual report. This is not a group work.


The overall aim of this report is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the economic performance of both the UK and Derbyshire using national and local level data and economic theories.

Wherever relevant, you must

Apply macroeconomic theories and tools in the analysis of the data.  

Use properly labelled tables, line graphs and any other graphical illustrations with accompanying commentary



While working on this topic, you will

collect data on relevant economic variables

analyse the data collected.

give a future outlook analysis


Structure of the report


The structure should be as follows:

Introduction: You must provide an introduction to your report.  Your introduction must state your overall aims and say how you intend to meet the aims of the report.


Evaluation of the economic performance of UK: Under this section, you should discuss the economic performance of UK from 2000-2016. You are expected to analyse the economic performance of the national economy by looking at key economic indicators such as GDP growth rate, unemployment rate, inflation rate and exports growth. Using line graphs for each variable, you will need to evaluate the performance during the recession (2008-2010), the Eurozone crisis (2010-2012) and after (2012-2016). You should explain the effects of the financial crisis and/or Eurozone crisis using the AD-AS framework. Then evaluate the fiscal and monetary policies implemented during this period and discuss the theories behind those policies.   


Source of data: World Bank (World Development Indicators), OECD database, Office for National Statistics and Fame (Financial Analysis made easy). You will have the opportunity to work with all these databases during seminars.

Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs and the like.



Evaluation of the economic performance of Derbyshire: Under this section, you should critically evaluate the performance of the local economy of Derbyshire. The analysis should include:

a) a comparative analysis of income and long-term unemployment levels (with the national levels),

b) the rural-urban divide in the economic profile of the county (Derby city vs Derbyshire),

c) Compare internal and international migration against that at the national level? Analyse the trends; and

d) Analyse the sectoral composition of the local economy and how that differs from the composition of the national economy.



Income and Unemployment



Rural-urban divide



              http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/images/Derbyshire%20Equalities%20Profile_tcm44- 140324.pdf]

Conclusion: You must provide a conclusion.  Your conclusion should summarise what you have found from your analysis.  Clearly state your overall findings in relation to the aims you have been given.  If you think your report has some weakness or limitations, explain what it is and why. You will gain extra marks if you give a future outlook analysis for the local as well as the national economy based on your findings (potential effect of Brexit, for example).


References and Appendix: References to sources must be provided using the Harvard method in the text of the report and all sources should be fully identified in a references section at the end of the report. I would expect references to all books, journal articles, academic working papers and websites you have used. Tables in the Appendix should be clearly labelled and accurately referenced in the report.

The criteria for marking

The following table shows the criteria and weighting used to award the final grade for your report.

The recommended word count (excluding references and appendices) is 2,000 words (you can write fewer words but you will be penalised if you go above 2,200 words). You should choose how many words are appropriate for each section in your report.  You must provide a word count on the front page of the report.


Feedback will be provided to students during the semester as they complete the various stages of the report. This can be in oral and/or written format, depending on how students submit the work to the tutor. All final reports will receive written feedback via Turnitin within 3 working weeks of the submission date, which will also include a marking rubric.

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